RheumTube: Disseminating Standardized Knee Examinations via the Internet
Principal Investigators: Jolanda Cibere & Linda Li
Funded by CIHR


Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Help-Seeking Experience (ERAHSE): Understand when, where and how people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) seek information and treatment during the early stage of the disease
Principal Investigator: Linda Li
Funded by CIHR


British Columbia Osteoarthritis Survey
Principal Investigators: Linda Li & Jacek Kopec
Co-funded by IMPACT BC and The Arthritis Society


From Aches and Pains to Timely Treatment: What drives people with arthritis to seek information and treatment?
Principal Investigators: Linda Li & Catherine Backman.
Funded by CIHR
See study home-page and report.


Physiotherapists’ Current Practice, Education Needs, and Views on Emerging Professional Roles in Rheumatology
Principal Investigator: Linda Li
Co-funded by Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada (PFC) and Arthritis Health Professions Association (AHPA)


Knowledge Management in Health Care Communities: Identifying, Describing, and Evaluating the Use of Communities of Practice in Health Care
Principal Investigators: Linda Li & Jeremy Grimshaw
Funded by CIHR