Move More, Sit Less: A New Model of Care for Knee Osteoarthritis



Affecting 1 in 10 Canadians, knee osteoarthritis (OA) is common and sometimes debilitating. Physical activity can be an effective treatment, improving pain, mobility and quality of life.

Based on the experience of the TRACK OA pilot study, MONITOR OA will test a modified version of a physical activity program to help people with knee pain to be more physically active safely.


This program involves:

1) a group education session,
2) the use of Fitbit Flex (wireless physical activity tracker),
3) remote counselling by a physiotherapist

We will recruit 60 people with knee OA in British Columbia. Eligible participants will be randomly assigned to either start the program now (the Now Group) or start the program 2 months later (the Later Group).

Participants will also be asked to complete online questionnaires, and wear an armband accelerometer for 7 days to assess their activity levels at the beginning, at 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months of the study. To gain an in-depth understanding participants’ experiences in the study, we will invite them to take part in a phone interview.




At the end of the project, all participants will receive a comprehensive report of their activity assessment. They are welcome to keep the Fitbit Flex at the end of the study.




Principal Investigators:
Dr. Linda Li

Charles Goldsmith, Simon Fraser University
Lynne Feehan, University of British Columbia
Gregory Noonan, Vancouver General Hospital (Mary Pack Arthritis Program
Alison Hoens, University of British Columbia

Simon Fraser University
Arthritis Research Canada
Vancouver General Hospital




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