SuPER: Supporting Patient care with Electronic Resource

The study is now closed for recruitment.

For people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), doctors often prescribe one or a combination of the commonly used traditional disease-modifying drugs (DMARDS), such as methotrexate, to decrease inflammation of the joints. If symptoms do not improve, doctors may recommend treatment with a new generation drugs called biologics and related molecules.

There are a number of biologics available, with different methods of delivery (i.e. injection, pill form). These medications are also costly and can have a number of different side-effects. Because of these reasons, patients often struggle with treatment decisions. To assist patients in making an informed decision about which biologic is right for them, we have developed an online decision aid called ANSWER-2, developed by Dr. Linda Li.





We are recruiting patients with RA to participate in a randomized controlled trial to test whether ANSWER-2 helps patients make decisions about their biologic therapy. Eligible participants will be randomly assigned to either the online ANSWER-2 decision aid or a Medication Guide (pdf version).

The results of this trial will help us understand the role of ANSWER-2 in empowering patients with RA to make decisions about this important treatment decision.


Principal Investigator:
Linda Li

Diane Lacaille, Arthritis Research Centre of Canada
Nick Bansback, University of British Columbia
Charlie Goldsmith, University of British Columbia
Paul Adam, Vancouver General Hospital (Knowledge User)
Elaine Yacyshyn, University of Alberta
Allyson Jones, University of Alberta
Dalton Sholter, Rheumatologist, Alberta

Hyon Choi, Massachusetts General Hospital
Alison Hoens, University of British Columbia





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