Self-monitoring for better health


*****Please note that recruitment for this study is now closed*****






We are studying a self-care program called OPERAS (On-demand Program to EmpoweR Active Self-management) for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This project will answer the question: Can an online program combining disease activity monitoring and physical activity counselling improve self-care in people with RA?

OPERAS includes:

  • an orientation to the OPERAS web app
  • education and physical activity counselling with a physiotherapist
  • a Fitbit that links to the app.

Participants will see a physiotherapist via Zoom. They will also complete assessments at baseline, 6 and 12 months.


Funded by The Arthritis Society and Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Principal Investigators: 

Linda Li, University of British Columbia (Vancouver); Arthritis Research Canada

Diane Lacaille, University of British Columbia (Vancouver); Arthritis Research Canada


Teresa Liu-Ambrose, University of British Columbia (Vancouver)

Lynne Feehan, University of British Columbia (Vancouver)

Catherine Backman, University of British Columbia (Vancouver); Arthritis Research Canada

Chris Shaw, School of Interactive Arts & Technology; Simon Fraser University

John Esdaile, Arthritis Research Canada; University of British Columbia (Vancouver)

Rob Petrella, Western University

Paul Adam, Mary Pack Arthritis Program, Vancouver General Hospital

Kimberly Miller, Simon Fraser University

Alison Hoens, University of British Columbia (Vancouver)

Cheryl Koehn, Arthritis Consumer Experts


Dr. Charles Goldsmith, Simon Fraser University

Research Staff:

Johnathan Tam, Research Coordinator, Arthritis Research Canada

Technology Partner:

Tactica Interactive

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