Citizen Health: Action, Network & Global Engagement (CHANGE)

The vision of Citizen Health: Action, Network & Global Engagement (CHANGE) is to transform the way patients and the public engage in making research questions with the use of a new web app.

Patient/public engagement in research happens when citizens are actively involved in all aspects of research (governance, priority setting, conducting research, and/or sharing results). The involvement can be a rewarding and beneficial experience for patients/public. CHANGE will maximize that experience by introducing a new web app that will allow patients and informal caregivers to interact not only with one another but also with researchers.

CHANGE will have two tests. The first test will be a 7-day usability test to understand user-friendliness of the web app. We will recruit 10 men and 10 women in BC with at least one chronic disease or type of disability (e.g., poor vision, mobility disability). Participants will get the app and a Fitbit wristband and will provide data for 7 days. Participants will also complete a system usability scale and take part in an interview about their experiences.

The second test will be a 3-month feasibility assessment. We will recruit 50 participants who 1) have at least one chronic disease, have one type of disability, or are informal caregivers, 2) are 19 years of age or older, and 3) live in British Columbia. Participants will take part in a phone interview after they have used the web app for 3 months.

To take part in this study or find out more information, please contact Hussein Mamdani at or 604-207-4007.

Funded by the BC SUPPORT Unit.


Principal Investigators: 

Dr. Linda Li

Dr. Leanne Currie

Dr.Erin Michalak



Dr. Chris Shaw

Dr. Diane Gromala


Research Staff:

Hussein Mamdani

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